Harry Lenord and I formed a partnership that was to last until his death nineteen years later.
An accomplished side show performer, Harry excelled at knife throwing, Punch and Judy puppets, and illusions.
Returning to Texas, we went to San Antonio, where we joined Ray Marsh Brydons "International Congress of Oddities", which had set up shop in an empty store building on Huston Street, directly across from Woolworth's.
Business in this excellent location was still going strong when after six weeks word was received the show was to be closed due to the "Bally" obstructing pedestrian traffic. That night we loaded out through the back door as Jimmy Herron moved his wild animal exhibit in the front.
The "San Antonio Light" reported the next evening:
"When police arrived this morning to close the traveling freak show and arrest the old lady in the front window (Jean Jeanette) for blocking traffic by making obscene gestures with snakes, they discovered the freaks had stolen away as Gypsies in the night. The lewd window display was replaced with a scarlet macaw and in place of the freaks there were cages of beasts. The city health department and animal control are taking the matter under advisement."
Jean drank a lot. When in her cups she would hold a snake between her legs stroking it in parody of male masturbating.


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