New Addition to Sideshow World by Patt Kelley


Background; the idea came after seeing an image that Patt created for Brett Loudermilk.


I thought it would be a great addition to create images of the folks that appear in our Featured Interviews.   I approached Patt Kelly and so came the Rogues Gallery. 


As new folks are interview we will be adding their images.


After Brett's image you will find the names of the other great folks we have interviewed for Sideshow World. 


I want to thank Patt for all his support and great imagery of/for Sideshow World.


                                                                                         John Robinson Sideshow World


Meaning of Our Rogues Gallery: Adventure, Entertainer, Entrepreneur, Daredevil,  Hero, Heroine, Independent, Pioneer, Risk Taker, Showman, Speculator, Stunt Man, Traveler, Venturer, Wanderer, and With-It!


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