The German based Meister Eckart offers fans a chance to see Jugglery, Bizarre Magic, Sideshow Stunts, Body Control, Acrobatics and much more. Shows can be performed in medieval or modern design.  They can be seriously humorous, bloody-minded or suitable for families and children. Stage Show, Walking Act, whatever!

As a fakir Meister Eckart offers juggling, acrobatics or general circus workshops for children and adults.  Meister Eckart is also

 a certified circus-pedagogue.

Acts Performed

Human Blockhead - Fire Eating - Indian Fire Torture

Human Ostrich - Bed of Nails

Walking on Broken Glass - Heartbeat Stoppage - Iron Throat

Iron Tongue - Tongue Piercing

Tongue Cutting (with following immediate healing)


Availability Information

Based Out Of: Lonsee, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany

Will Perform: World Wide


Contact Information

For more information on Meister Eckart 

please visit (German)

or e-mail


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