The Great Nippulini is a performance artist who utilizes his incredible nipples to lift, hang and tow true weight heavy objects.


Soon to be a Guinness World Record holder for the Most Amount of Weight Lifted by Nipple Pierces, the Great Nippulini also is the only man to tow a CAR (2,000 pounds) merely by pierced nipples.


In the traditions of Rasmus Neilsen (circus performer circa 1950's who lifted 150 pound anvil from chest pierces), the Great Nippulini can lift anchors, bowling balls, anvils, a bench vise, a 35 pound cylinder head, transmissions, and more!


The Great Nippulini is also the only man to suspend a bench grinder from the nipples, turn it on, and grind metal with the nipples.


Truly, the Great Nippulini is the man with the world's STRONGEST nipples!

Acts Performed

Extreme Pierced Weightlifting


Availability Information

Based Out Of: Philadelphia, PA

Will Perform: Lower 48 U.S. States


Contact Information

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