The Crispy Family Carnival Spectacular is an outlandish, pyrotechnic smorgasbord of neo-vaudevillian entertainment and Sideshow oddities. The Crispy Family provides a ukulele toting Emcee, a saw-playing Minstrel, and an actual Giant. In addition, our show includes a variety of fire-freaks, fire-nymphs, and bona fide Sideshow Weirdoes.


This is real, live entertainment. No hoaxes. No gimmicks. No tricks. The difference between a magician and a sideshow performer is that a magician relies on tricks while a sideshow performer relies on his or her own strength, endurance, and downright insanity to perform body bending acts, guaranteed to shock and enliven. The Crispy Family's lighthearted approach to the macabre has made audiences gasp with horror and squeal with delight. When the Crispy Family Carnival Spectacular is at hand, a tittering laugh-riot of snorts is assured.

Acts Performed

Strange and Unnatural Appetites - Human Blockhead - The Masochism Tango - Bed of Nails - Dartboard

Surprise Unmatchable Pyrotechnics - Human Pin Cushion - Reanimator 3000


Available To Perform..

In the lower 48 U.S. States


Contact Information

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