Charon Henning

Charon made her grand entrance to the world on Election Night, 1972, in Takoma Park, MD. She currently resides in the Northern Virginia area, perilously close to Washington DC, and too far from Baltimore.

Her interests in unusual and bizarre performance started early in life. Starting at age seven she attended the Maryland Renaissance Festival where she watched the magic styles of Penn and Teller, Avner the Eccentric, and her brother, Eric Henning.

As a teenager, Charon spent the majority of her time involved in the arts, both on stage and in gallery settings. In the late 80's, she fronted a D.C. based thrash band called Angstrom, and stayed with them until they split in 1993. Her experience with the band helped her learn the ins and outs of different performance spaces.

Soon after the Angstrom experience, Charon found her way into the world of tattooing.

"Tattooing eventually came to mainstream America through the sideshow. This was a big part of the history I learned during my apprenticeship," she says. Charon found herself meeting many sideshow greats, including the late Michael Wilson, at the Coney Island Tattoo Festival.

It wasn't until she connected with sideshow performers at the Third Annual Phoenix Gathering, that her life with magic, tattoos and performance all began to fit together. Soon after The Gathering she connected with those at The American Dime Museum (ADM) and Shocked & Amazed! Magazine, and her fate was sealed.

Today, when she is not performing for the events there, she is archiving the vast collection the ADM and Shocked & Amazed! Magazine has acquired. Among current pastimes, Charon swallows swords, walks on them, relaxes on nails, treads on glass, and escapes from knotted ropes.

She delights in introducing others to the inherent strangeness of life and stirring wonder in an audience.

Acts Performed

Sword Swallowing - Sword Ladder - Glass Dancing

 Bed Of Nails - Human Blockhead - Various Escapes - Blade Box


Availability Information

Based Out Of: Northern VA

Will Perform: In the lower 48 U.S. States


Contact Information

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