A modern vaudeville sideshow with all the trappings. Unforgettable and fun for all ages.  Take the amazing skills of our

 five performers, augment them with enticing and humorous spiels from the barkers and surround it all with live music,

authentic hand-painted banners, unique props, and our own sound and lights. Find out how convenient this huge

entertainment can be.


With over thirty classic and contemporary sideshow skills at their command, the Blue Monkey Sideshow can customize

any performance for your space and time.


Our all ages appeal has made us popular at colleges, fairs, festivals, rock concerts, corporate parties, sporting event

preshows, and city celebrations such as: Indiana State Fair, Alaska State Fair, Rolling Rock town fair (3 years), Terror on the

Fox (Green Bay, WI), Hardee's Stage Fright, Clarion Health Employee Service Banquet, City of Indianapolis Canal Family

Fest (2 years), various colleges across the country, and more!

Acts Performed

Rubberman - Human Blockhead - Siberian Triple Arm Twist - Juggling - Whip Artistry

Fire Swinging - Glass Walking - Bed Of Nails - Bed Of Swords - Three Monkey Shrinkwrap

Human Pincushion - Wheelchair Pull - Bowling Ball Lift - Firecracker In The Toe - Nasal Floss

Nipple Lift - Hat Tricks - Balancing Acts - And More!!




Availability Information

Based Out Of: Indianapolis, IN

Will Perform: Worldwide


Contact Information

For more information on The Blue Monkey Sideshow

visit: www.bluemonkeysideshow.com

or email: web@bluemonkeysideshow.com


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