James Zajicek

Big Circus Sideshow 



Jimmy Zajicek's Big Circus Sideshow with it's 100' ft bannerline freak animals ALIVE & DEAD.

Banners are 3 high and painted by bobby Rawls.

I also  have 1 banner by Mark Frierson that was purchased from Jeff Murray.


Over 50 attractions in all.


Big Circus Sideshow at 2005 Florida State fair


Alive: 2 Headed turtle, Albino Turtle 2 Nosed Cow and Python also a Tiny Horse. 


DEAD: Over 14 jars of various deformed animals, stuffed attractions are real.  Only 4 or 5 gaffed items are included. 


All are displayed in a 20' X 60' orange tent custom built by Cathedral tent out of Clarksville TN. Bannerline is all aluminum with 12' 6" spreaders with 11x14 chasers across the top. Entrance sign I customized from a 60s park Tilt sign.

Acts Performed

Fire Eating - Glass Walking - Bed of Nails - Blockhead

have done Wire - Diablos - Rolla-Bola Human Torcha - Elephants & More!


Available To Perform

Based out of: Richmond,  IL

Will Perform: Lower 48


Contact Information

For more information on Jim Zajicek

e-mail curatoroftheunusual@hotmail.com


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