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The Giant Snake Show features a huge python billed as big enough to kill a horse! Nearly 20 feet long and 200 pounds, the showfront depicts Rick's wife Lori, as the extreme sacrifice in a sword battle against the enormous snake!    The Giant Rat Show features a 78 pound South American water rodent billed as "BIG MA the GIANT RAT." This is a trailer mounted show which also exhibits the giant 4 foot red spiked bat, from the woods!      


The Magic Circus Show is framed on a large truck, the scenery folds out from the sides and top and a large stage folds down from the rear of the truck. The showfront depicts Rick Dennis throwing knives and tomahawks around his wife Lori, as The Human Target. This is an act Rick has done for nearly 30 years. Also on the showfront is Rick cutting thru Lori with a chain saw. This act is actually the old traditional sideshow blade box, only flashed up a bit from the noise and sound and smoke from using a chain saw, in addition to the dozen steel blades  put thru the box. Lori is billed for this act as The Pretzel Girl and after completing her act, Rick exposes it for an admission price for the curious to come on stage to peer into the box to view Lori's coiled body, quite scantily dressed to say the least!


Other acts performed by Rick on the Magic Circus Show are sword swallowing, fire eating, juggling, magic and illusion, including zig zag, no middle myrtle illusion. This is a live bally show with the complete show taking place upon the bally rather than turn the tip into a tent, Rick builds the tip by doing the knife throwing acts, then introduces Lori as the Pretzel Girl. This is the act that is exposed and gets the money, for the shows profit.  This is among the few live bally type shows still working today. Rick talks the front, and performs the acts with his wife Lori.


"How does SHE survive the chain saw? Come up, see for yourself! That beautiful girl contortionist...she can tie her lovely body into more knots than a sailor can tie into a length of rope! Hurry now, even the Pretzel Girl cannot maintain the position she's in for much longer!! and oh...what a position she's in! If you like girls, you'll love this...do you, like girls? Hurry up now, see her now. Please keep your hands out of the cabinet as her certain body parts are delicately exposed due to her shape--and what a shape she's in! Take a good look, and exit down the stairwell, and we thank you. Next show just minutes away, don't miss that one!"

Acts Performed

Knife and Tomahawk throwing around Lori the Human Target - Sword Swallowing - Fire Eating - Juggling Magic - Illusions - Blade Box with chain saw

All acts performed by Rick and Lori Dennis with Rick Dennis talking the front.


Availability Information

Based Out Of: Vestal, NY 13850

Will Perform: Oklahoma and east


Contact Information

For more information on Rick Dennis

e-mail him at: hotdennis1@msn.com


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