Mysterion the Mind Reader is one of Canada's leading mentalists and owner of the only public sideshow museum in Canada- Sunnyside Tattoos and Sideshow Parlour. His show employs a rotating cast of Human Marvels, from The Great Orbax, Rico the Tattooed Human Zombie and Kayla Pin Lynn, to leading Canadian and International Burlesque Bombshells and magicians. It is the only monthly sideshow "open mic" of it's kind anywhere in the country, created to promote growth in the community of performers and allowing spots for newer acts to get experience and flourish..


A collector of curios and toys, Mysterion's collection has been featured in countless press and his collection includes historical sideshow pieces, vintage magic, two headed animals, to rooms full of wrestling action figures guarded by taxidemied Coyotes. A personal favorite piece is his baby bouncer that fooled a national newspaper into a 2 page article: under the guise it was his separated at birth parasitic twin.

Live on stage Witness mind over matter, spirit communication, ESP, glass shattering with thought, metal bending, pain proof stunts and tons more  Live at this showcase of the bizarre, Mysterion is sure to astound you and leave you believing the impossible. He is a regular on Much on Demand, MTV Canada and has appeared on Showcase hit show Kenny Vs Spenny's Haunted House Episode.

Note: Mysterion is also an avid believer in letting the public know that he is strictly an entertainer and that what they are seeing is done by natural means and for entertainment only.


Acts Performed

Telekinesis - Spoon, Fork, Coin, Key Bending - Glass Shattering With The Mind - ESP Tests - Book Tests Telepathy of Numbers, Cards and Words - Stage Hypnosis - Bed Of Nails - Walking and Laying Under Weight While Predicting Chosen Words By Audience Members - Burlesque Dancing (courtesy of the Mysteriette Miss. Mitzi Scream) - And More!


Availability Information

Based Out Of: Toronto Ontario Canada

Will Perform: Greater Toronto Area

Always willing to negotiate travel.

Contact Information

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Mysterion the Mindreader



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