Lee Kolozsy 

AKA - Zoltan the Magnificent - Prof. Laszlo Bizzaro

Preston Digit & Co. - Prof. Lee Colossal - Koko DeLoko and more.


The Freakin Sideshow is a fully self-contained stage show providing all necessary production gear for performances indoors or out including lighting and sound, scenic backdrop (banners and rigging), stages, props, acts, performers, aluminum bleacher seating, etc. The show is particularly well suited for special events such as concerts and college venues where the audience demographic is receptive to The Strange, The Odd, and The Unusual.  Includes audience participation and can be geared to large houses.


The Headless Woman Alive! is a continuous live theatrical play, featuring a living actress who survived decapitation. A trailerized fairgrounds exhibition, fully self-contained, plays mostly fairs, also toured with Lollapalooza and Ozzfest.


The Giant Snake, ALIVE is a menagerie exhibit featuring a snake so large, so huge, so enormous, that it can easily swallow an entire human being. Close to twenty feet in length, approaching three hundred pounds, parts of its body are as big around as a tree trunk. The showfront on this trailerized exhibit has been admired by master show artists.


The Giant Rat, ALIVE Mickey's evil twin much like the snake only a rat, a hundred pound rat. Was a huge hit at Ozzfest.


Circus Fun is a complete circus package for fairs and special events. Fully self contained. Much like The Freakin Sideshow, only toned down and themed for families with children, unlike the Freakin Sideshow which is themed more for the Manson Family.


Production Services include set design (full service studio), construction of show equipment ranging from simple props to entire shows  (all equipment currently in operation by us and many others was constructed from the ground up at our production facilities and shop at our winter quarters in Florida.). Expertise in lighting design and audio engineering, electrical generation and distribution systems.


Promotional and Media Services include Advance Work for circuses and carnivals, photography and editing for booking and presentations press agent and media relations, publicist and advertising work, etc.


Large inventory of rental gear for performance and production. If we don't have it, we can probably frame it usually at the last damn minute. This Company has produced shows on three continents for Major Events including State Fairs, Worlds Fairs, Amusement Parks, Shrine Circuses, Corporate Events, Industrial Shows, Toured with Lollapalooza in 96, Ozzfest, many Carnival Companies, and seven Railroad Shows. All entertainment enterprises currently operated by Circus Fun Productions are under the direction of Lee Kolozsy.

Acts Performed

Circus Ringmaster - Sideshow Bally Talker - Sideshow Inside Lecturer - Bladebox Pitchman

Spieler/Grinder Extraordinaire - Sideshow Magician - Escape Artist - Perform all working acts including Nail

bed - A diet of razor blades - Sword Ladder - Electric Chair - Twisto, and a few new wrinkles. Eccentric

Comic (pantomime) - Stand  up Comic (sarcastic, biting, mean-spirited remarks knocking everyone both

living and dead) - Acrobat/Flyer - Animal Trainer - Actor - Producer - Director - Comedy Writer - Author

Scriptwriter - Furniture Mover - Truck Driver and Mechanic.


Available To Perform

Based out of: Sarasota, FL
Will Perform: Global


Contact Information

For more information on Lee Kolozsy

e-mail amediacircus@aol.com


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