Welcome to a world where the unreal meets reality. In America some mistakenly call what John Shaw does a "geek show", that is because there is no category for him. John Shaw's performance is, in reality, an exhibition into some of history's most dazzling and bizarre human feats mixed with some of today's most startling special effects and unique concepts. John's show is unlike the traditionally flavored carny sideshows. You will be astonished by the variety of unusual and seldom witnessed marvels of human discipline.


John started at the tender age of ten, after his father brought him to see his very first sideshow. John was selected to pull the sword from one of the performers throats, after that he was hooked. For years John has studied the human anatomy to learn what the human body was capable of enduring. All the while expanding his act to being one of the most complete and diverse shows ever performed by one man. John is also an accomplished and award winning magician / illusionist.


John has toured all over the United States from coast to coast. The John Shaw Pandemonium Midnight Sideshow is an act like no other you have seen before. All the stunts are REAL! Done with humor and audience participation. See this human marvel for yourself LIVE and in the RAW!! John as opened for several national recording artists as well as having his own show in Las Vegas for two years. John has also been featured on such T.V. shows as: The Howard Stern Show, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, Jenny Jones, Rikki Lake, The Billboard Music Awards, VH1, MTV, & The New Tom Green Show.

Acts Performed

Fire Eating & Breathing - The Human Blockhead - The Straight Jacket & Various Other Escapes

Dry Ice Eating - The Double Bed of Nails (with cement block breaks on the chest & groin) - Glass Eating

Face In Glass - The Human Pincushion (with an 18 inch 8 gauge skewer through the face while 25 pounds of

weights are connected) - Eye Socket Weight Lifting - Sucking popcorn seeds up the nose then shooting

them out of the tear ducts - Tongue Of Steel - Tongue Weight Lifting - Unbreakable Hand

Alligator Wrestling - Magician/Illusionist - Animal Trainer - Stunt Man - Bug Eater - Sword Ladder

Grinder Act - Stilt Walking


Availability Information

Based Out Of: New York

Will Perform: Worldwide


Contact Information

For more information on The John Shaw Pandemonium Midnight Sideshow

visit: www.underworldent.com

or email your questions to: TattooedMother69@aol.com


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