With an emphasis on bringing a new audience the classics, I perform with both the education as well as entertainment value in mind. A constantly expanding array of marvels and superhuman feats that can be adapted to nearly any setting. With over ten years of experience at both Ren-Faire's and Theme Parks as well as numerous Night clubs, I have worked both in clown makeup as Beezelbubba the Indestructible, and in tuxedo as Professor Chumley. Most recently I toured with the farewell season of Ward Hall and Chris Christ's World of Wonders.

Acts Performed

Fire Eating - Blockhead - Bed'o'nails - Human Dynamo - Pincushion - Geek

Glass Walking, and a few unique torture acts you would need to see to believe.


Availability Information

Based Out Of: Chicago, IL

Will Perform: Open to Negotiation


Contact Information

For more information on Chumley 

e-mail Pballbuba1@aol.com


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