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He walks on broken glass
Eats fire
Walks up a ladder of swords
Hammers a 16 penny nail into his head
Breaks a concrete block on his head and body
Lifts weights with his eyelids
Puts his hand in a steel trap (and escapes)
and other bizarre stunts and escapes.

The Great Baldini has been working on his performance skills his whole life.

As a little kid he would draw and paint props and backgrounds for his puppet and magic shows and with an oatmeal box top hat on his head perform magic and puppet shows, shadow theater and a weird type of animation tv. By drawing a continuous story on a long sheet of butcher paper he could roll it up and then mount it in a used TV box and then unroll it as he played records to add music to the show.

After high school he wrestled pro "luchador"style for a few years while working in the hospital but this led to a strange stint in the world of the rodeo, very popular sport in Texas! This led to rodeo clowning and after several major injuries he, decided that the party clown scene was the route.
Not being content to do balloons and such, he added circus skills such as juggling stilt walking and rola bola to his clown shows.

This led to the world of pro circus via the big john strong circus.
This was followed by Carson and Barnes Circus, Carden Shrine Circus, Lewis Brothers Circus, Great American Circus, Roberts Bros Circus and the Stu Miller Magic Show.

Baldini clowned and played drums on these shows as well as a short stint as a trapeze catcher.
While in Gibsonton FL with Stu Miller he learned side show skill and added them to his arsenal.
Later on in life he created the great baldini persona and now performs his own side show, where he walks on broken glass, eats fire, walks up a ladder of swords, hammers a 16 penny nail into his head, breaks a concrete block on his head and body, lifts weights with his eyelids, puts his hand in a steel trap and other bizarre stunts and escapes.

Baldini also builds and performs marionettes based on circus performers.

He has had his own show on the Ohio river during Halloween at the port of terror 2 years running, been on several local tv shows, done many corporate gigs and private parties and has appeared at the comedy caravan 4 times. Currently he has his own 1 man show at the Kings Island Theme Park and can be seen weekly at the Long Shot Tavern with Danny O'Days Freak Show.


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