The Reverend Tommy Gunn


The Reverend Tommy Gunn:  Minister of the macabre, parson to the phantasmagorical & self-styled object of your affections; your Reverend is also the mouthpiece for the morbid, vicar of victimization, apostle of the appalling & purveyor of the more dangerous arts! An actual ordained minister, he is also the co-founder of the FreakShow DeluxeTM carnival-style sideshow and proprietor of the Empire Amusement Hall in Hollywood, CA.


With over 30 years on the stage, radio, television and movies, the Reverend brings a wealth of experience to every performance.  Whether taking command of the main stage, entertaining in the middle of a crowd, keeping things exciting as an energetic Master of Ceremonies or inspiring others as a motivational speaker, the Reverend Tommy Gunn will make sure your audience, guests and clients are entertained in a performance to remember (for all the right reasons)!


Not only can the Reverend come to perform for you, he can bring the whole show with him!  With the performers of the sideshow-style troupe FreakShow Deluxe™, as well as a long list of other performers he works with regularly, including: George the Giant, Ghoulia, the WereReverend Wolf, Jack Dagger, Count Smokula and plenty of other performers and acts at his fingertips, he can customize any performance for your venue, event, theme and time.


From frightening shows with adult material to family-friendly performances suitable for children’s parties, the Reverend is perfect for college shows, corporate events, haunted attractions, amusement parks, private parties, festivals and concerts.  He is also available to perform weddings and officiate at funerals.


The Reverend has performed at all kinds of events, concerts and theaters including:  annual performances at Clear Channel’s X-Fest and the PsychoPath Haunted Trail in Dayton, OH; the Sacred Fools Theater in Los Angeles, CA; Los Angeles’ Orpheum Theater; the CIA in Burbank, CA; El Cid in Hollywood, CA; and Greenville, OH’s annual downtown Halloween Parade! He has also appeared as part of FreakShow Deluxe™, Aesthetic Meat Front; the Bleu Dahlia Burlesque; in the film “The Three Trials;” as a regular guest on MusicPlus TV’s Aural Salvation and GeekSpeak; and in his own radio shows in Los Angeles and Louisiana!

Acts Performed

Human Blockhead – Bed of Nails – Bullwhip Artistry – Fire Eating – Fire-Breathing

Pierced Weightlifting – Glass Eating – Human Pincushion – Bulletin Board

Human Cutting Board – Straightjacket & Other Escapes – Grinder Stunts – Eating Live Bugs

Hand In the Animal Trap – Amusing Mentalist Routines – Medicine Show – and More!!

Availability Information

Based Out Of: Hollywood, CA

Will Perform: Worldwide


email him at:


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