Welcome to www.SesCarny.com, home of the world's most outrageous Circus Sideshow and Freakshow performers.  The Ses Carny Sideshow is New England's only 100% real Circus Sideshow & Human Freakshow.  When you book the Ses Carny Sideshow expect to see Fire Breathers, Sword Swallowers, Human Pincushions, Human Blockheads and more.  If you've never seen a real Circus Sideshow or Human Freakshow the Ses Carny Sideshow is ready to blow you away.


Based just outside Boston, MA the Ses Carny Sideshow is one of only a handful of traditional Circus Sideshows & Human Freakshows still operating within the United States.  The show has toured the country performing at Sideshow Gatherings, Renaissance Faires, Rockfest's, Colleges, Radio Stations, Tattoo Conventions and More! 


Every act you see in the Ses Carny Sideshow is 100% real.  If it looks deadly, it is.  If it looks like it hurts, it does.  Years of performing and professional training has created one of the most hardcore, death defying Circus Sideshows you'll ever see.


Fun For The Whole Family!

The Ses Carny Sideshow is more than just a hardcore in your face show.  We have performed many shows suited for a family atmosphere.  We'll mix in comedy, family fun and lots of entertainment targeted towards a family with children of all ages.  You'll still see the outrageous acts but they will be presented in a family friendly way.  This ability to modify our show to suit your needs is what puts the Ses Carny Sideshow head and shoulders above the rest!!

Acts You Can See In Our Show

All acts are performed by trained professionals.  

Don't try anything that you see here at home.

  • Fire Eating 
  • Fire Breathing
  • Sword Swallowing
  • Human Blockhead (Featuring A 30 Penny Nail) 
  • Unbreakable Hands
  • Deadly Balloon Animals  
  • Glass Eater
  • Human Drinking Straw
  • Human Dartboard
  • Incombustible Man
  • Fun With Electricity
Snake Handling
  • Bed Of Nails
  • Eye Hooks 
  • Human Ashtray
  • Human Pincushion
  • Man With The Iron Tongue  (Pierced Weightlifting)
  • Hammer Hands  (Drives Nails With Bare Hands & Removes Them With His Teeth) 
  • Man With The Ossified Head
  • The Man Who Can't Be Hanged
  • Straitjacket Escapes
Fun With Firecrackers (where permitted)



The Ses Carny Sideshow is available for:

 Private Parties     Corporate Events     Night Clubs     Seminars    Conventions

Casino's     Haunted Attractions     Renaissance Faires     and More!!!


Contact Information

For more information on booking the Ses Carny

Sideshow, Public Relations info, Promo DVD's or

to book Ses Carny for an Interview please contact



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