Freaks, fools and powertools! Insane Entertainment is more than just another sideshow,

Ryan Stock and AmberLynn provide an amazing array of bizarre skills,

everything from X-rated balloon animals and seriously

disturbed close-up magic to mind-blowing stunts and deranged comedy.




Acts Performed

Fire eating –Fire breathing –sword swallowing –blockhead  -power drill in the nose + a 2 foot drill bit down the throat –propane blowtorch on tongue –unconventional contortion –object regurgitation –pierce weightlifting\pulling, ears, nipples, septum  -tongue torture–the human wrecking ball –extreme pin cushion –Bed of nails –glass walking –fire walking –glass & razor blade eating  -needle and tack swallowing  -red hot coal eating –blow darts in the face –belly bullseye –human ashtray –broken glass body slam - straight pin up the nose and out the eye –simulated under water escape –fire juggling  -stilt walking –iron bar bending –hot water bag explosions  -midget propelled sledge hammer –the Human Meathead –eyelid weight lifting –exploding naval –crazy glue craziness -The pick axe pendulum–mental floss –groin & head smashing  -yogi thread stunt –human bulletin board –flesh stapling –fresh pierce weight lift –uvula lift -Gavage -animal traps -Giant (4foot) mousetrap –bullwhip –knifethrowing – lawnmower balancing  and more….  


Available To Perform


Available to perform: anywhere and everywhere


Contact Information


For booking info email


Based out of  Edmonton Alberta, Canada



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