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James Taylor's new place, the Palace of Wonders. Take a look at the website. It is going to be a haven for all sideshow folks. 


                                                                                    Todd Robbins





Step Right Up! 


Ladies and Gentlemen, Children of all ages! No matter how you say it, the call's out to one and all for the world's only remaining true dime museum, the Palace of Wonders! 


From its nighttime performances by the best and the brightest acts from the world of novelty and variety entertainment, to its daytime museum hall group exhibitions, the Palace of Wonders recreates the Amazing and Curious era of the Dime Museum - where all the Strange, the Bizarre, the Weird, the Odd and the Unusual attractions of the World - could be seen for just one thin dime, the tenth part of a dollar. 


The Palace of  Wonders showcases the history of those exhibitions through vaudeville and burlesque, wax museums, medical show, true crime, war shows, illusion shows, magic exhibitions, world's fair midways, wild west shows, circus, carnival, the classic 10-in-1 sideshows and all the "Other" entertainment.


 At the Palace of Wonders you'll relive an era when fun was as innocent as the practical joke and amazing as the satisfaction of curiosity, an era filled with entertainment our parents, grandparents and great grandparents loved for all its humbug and hullabaloo from the minute they walked into the canvas world of the carnival or circus,  paid their money and took their chances at the local dime museum. 


Can't you see them from here, it's your friends and neighbors!   And they're enjoying the show right now! Don't wait! the show's about to start at the Palace of Wonders!





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