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josh the juggler's Circus Sideshow




Their mission is to bring  people all over the world something they have never seen before and a show they will never forget  by giving them comedy and thrilling feats of  flammable natures


 josh started performing with a fire circus  in 1998 .  He's trained for many years as a fire eater, fire blower, fire dancer, box head, broken glass expert, juggler, whip artist, Celtic guitar player and these are just a few of his many talents.


 josh started his career at the young age of  14.  He has toured with numerous circuses and sideshows but has always wanted to run away and join/start his own show.


 josh provides the audience with the high in quality entertainment.


His Circus Sideshow has just what your event needs, (Circus, Sideshows, Renaissance Faires, Birthday Parties, Night Clubs, etc.)  Yes, they have a show for you.   josh the  juggler's Circus Sideshow will travel any were for any of your show needs. They have been published and reviewed by many magazines and  newspapers .


Simply put this is what he loves to do!




Call or e-mail us today for more information or to book your Gig.

josh the juggler

1743 Knapp St

Oshkosh WI 54902


(888) 804 2293




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