"Ladies & Gentlemen! Boys& Girls! Stroll Up! Stroll up for the Magnificent Insect Circus Museum! Behold the Liberty Beetles & the Cheeky Ladybirds! Be thrilled by the Knife Thrower & the Painted Lady! Gasp as Captain Courage, the intrepid Wasp Tamer, defies Danger! Marvel at the Worm Charmer & Laugh at the Dancing Snails! Relive your carefree days as the Circus Comes to Town!"

Housed in a vintage, mahogany lined, Bedford TK beetlebox lorry, this unique museum displays a stunning array of costumes, props, puppets, toys and ephemera from the extraordinary collection of the Insect Circus Society. Spanning more than three centuries, and covering many continents, this is undeniably the finest museum of its kind in the world.

Of special attraction are dioramas and push-button mechanical peep-show models depicting scenes from the famous Piper family insect circus. Featuring such perennial favourites as dancing snails, trained butterflies, wasp tamers and balancing bugs, these stunning automata are a rare treat for all ages.

Amongst the many wonders on show, the ICS are also extremely proud to display the very best exhibits from their extensive collection of material relating to the 1960's musical group The Peaple.

One of our most valuable holdings takes pride of place within the museum walls: the actual drum as featured on the Peaple's seminal 1967 album, 'Capt. Cicadella's Insect Circus Band'. We also have on display an authentic autograph book containing all of the 'fab four's' signatures and the very notebook in which Don Lemon wrote the words to 'Being for the Benefit of Mr. Bugbee'.

If you are interested in having the Insect Circus Museum & Mechanical Menagerie pay a visit to your town or event, then please do not hesitate to contact the museum administrator, Ronald McPeak, for terms and conditions.


For booking information and general enquiries please contact:

Ronald McPeak
The Insect Circus Society
25 Church Road
Great Livermere
Bury St. Edmunds
Suffolk IP31 1JS

Telephone: 01359 268209
Mobile: 07881 778959


The Insect Circus



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