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"Yes, folks there is still an old fashioned sideshow on tour featuring several live human oddities.... The high energy music for the show was provided by That Damned Band. It was a back woods mountain-type band consisting of washboards, jug-its, flute, musical saw, accordion... They were excellent. / highly recommend it to all sideshow aficionados."


- Walt Hudson, review of 999 Eyes Sideshow at the C.I.A.A


 "A delight to the ear, a remembrance of times gone by with a modern flare... I was reminded of a simpler time, a time when Freak Shows Graced the Midways... I heard a voice coming from the loud speaker, telling us of all the wonderful sights we will "On the Inside!". Yes, for just a dollar he hollers, see what everyone is talking about, enter now - the show is about to begin. Yes, it is That Damned Band's "Circus Day!"


- John Robinson of Sideshow World, review of THAT Damned Band prerelease CD


That Damned Band with Jackie the Human 3pod, Feb. 2007 Austin, TX. Photo: Javier Garza

Left to Right: D.M. Blackthorn, Sick, Samantha X, Rev. Flint Fancy, Jackie the Human 3pod, Willie Crash" Landin, Lowrent the Clown.

THAT Damned Band comprises a repertoire of original dark carnival and circus music, jug band music, and traditional music from around the globe. THAT Damned Band is an accordion driven group of multi-talented songsters, which pay musical tribute to eastern European, gypsy, Klesmer, and old-tyme vaudevillian era music and style. Whether playing creepy dark carnival originals or rousing drinking songs, THAT Damned Band features a unique arrangement that includes Accordion, Clarinet, Jug, flute, Washboard rhythm, guitar, Washtub bass, and Tuba. An emotionally charged musical set is spiced up with gags and puppets by their own clown, Lowrent the clown, and occasionally by REAL LIVING HUMAN ODDITIES.

THAT Damned Band also provides the background music for the 999 EYES Authentic Freakshow - the last traveling freakshow in the United States focusing on REAL LIVING HUMAN ODDITES with MEDICAL ANOMALIES, and a MUSEUM OV MUTANTSTROSITIES. The 999 EYES freaks and the 999 Eyes "Museum ov Mutantstrosities" carnival sideshow museum occasionally make cameo appearances with THAT Damned Band.


THAT Damned Band has performed all over the western states, from Clubs and Bars to huge festivals to art colleges, sometimes as part of the bigger 999 EYES show. THAT Damned Band has played at Antone's (Austin, TX), the Enchanted Forrest (Austin, TX), Scoot Inn (Austin, TX), Trophy's (Austin, TX), Hole in the Wall (Austin TX.), Continental Club upstairs (Austin, TX), BACA rally (Bikers Against Child Abuse Pflugerville, TX), Lucky Devil Bar (El Paso, TX), CIAA (Creative Institute for Abnormal Arts in L.A., CA), Amnesia Bar (S.F., CA), Omni Circus (S.F., CA), Orbis Nex (Oakland, CA), Liminal Gallery (Oakland, CA), Burning Man (BRC, NV), Hot Licks (Bisbee, AZ), Copper Queen (Bisbee, AZ), Carnival Reverie (Seattle. WA), the Contour (Seattle, WA), Dead Babies bike rally (Seattle, WA), Jules Mayes (Seattle, WA), the Spokane Art College (Spokane, WA), U of O's Blood Dance (Eugene, OR), the Premium Pour (Eugene, OR), and Humboldt State's Van Duzer (Arcata, CA). They've done midway style shows at the Phoenix Festival (WA), Autonomous Mutant Festival (OR), How to Destroy the Universe Festival (S.F., CA), Cyclecide's Bicycle Rodeo (S.F., CA), and many more venues.


As seen on TV: Tonight Show
with Jay Leno 4/22/2007, EL Paso News Channel 7 12/10/2006, Ripley's Believe it or not 2004. Upcoming: National Geographic's Taboo, ABC television, Ntv Moscow News 8/09/07. Hollywood film "Storyteller" written by Andrew Getty, British Documentary. Hot picks or featured articles in the Portland Mercury (Portland, Oregon) 10/28/2005, North Coast Journal (Humboldt County, CA) 11/2/2006, Arcata Eye (Arcata, CA) 11/7/2006, LA Weekly (Los Angeles, CA) 11/17/2006, College Times (Phoenix. AZ) 11/22/2006, Phoenix New Times (Phoenix, AZ), El Paso Times (El Paso, TX) 12/6/2006, The Daily Texan (Austin, TX) 4/23/2007, San Francisco Weekly, and Washington Chronicle. Radio appearances on University of Oregon KMVA U of O Radio 88.1 10/27/2006, 10/11/2005; Humboldt State University KHSU 90.5 FM 11/5/2006; Bisbee Free Radio 12/02/2006;
Interview Walt Hudson and interviews available on




the fiddle killer is a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who has played with the notorious Asylum Street Spankers, Carousel Cabaret, Podank, Sick's Pack, and Three Redneck Tenors.
Dylan M. Blackthorn
is an accordionista, songwriter, and human blockhead. Former member of the Sour Mash Hug Band, thee Hobo Gobbelins, and Dr. Leopold's Multi-Form Cabinet.

Brewski Salmineo plays resonator guitar and piano. He has been playing in Texas for 35 years in a variety of music and performance art outfits, including Texas Chamber Music with Alejandro Escovedo, Joe Rockhead, Laura Scarborough, Sonikor, Mastica, and the Topless Baboon Opera.

Samantha X
is the Freak Mama and piper - she plays a variety of instruments including flute, clarinet, pennywhistle, and jug. She has played with hip hop jazz ensemble Pimp or Die, experimental jazz ensemble Jupiter, performance art troupes including Apsara tribal belly dance troupe, the Hobo Gobbelins, Sour Mash Hug Band, and punk rock group the Fly Bitches.

Willie "Crash" Landin
is THAT Damned Band's premier Sousaphone (Tuba) player, a Texan native and plays also with Guy Forsyth and Sick' Pack. He has been playing Tuba since he was five years old traveling with the carnival, and has played with Jimmie LaFave, Joe King Carrasco, and gypsy jazz trio Django's Moustache.
Reverend Flint Fancy
plays on a variety of percussion instruments including washboard. A burlesque performer and worm eater with many hidden talents, Rev. Flint Fancy has also had performance stints with the dance troupes Maskourage, the Voluptuous Vaude Villains, and the Hot Toddies.

Lowrent the Clown: Puppet master, glass walker, fire artist, and player of the musical saw. This "exceptionally multitalented"** sideshow performer from New Orleans has studied under the internationally recognized Bread and Puppet Theatre. He is the founder of the Surrealist Training Circus and The Hicks Hills Orphans. He has performed with and along side the Crooks and nannies, the Inkwell Rhythm Makers, The Circus of Tiny Invisibility, Merry-Go-Round, Ratty Scurvies and is of course the house clown for the 999 EYES.





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