Blue Moon Circus is a collective of performers from Louisville, KY and Indiana.

We travel to wherever we are invited, and sometimes, to places we are not.


  What do we do?


Fire poi, fingers, staff, eating, contact and blowing






Bed O'Nails


Human Blockhead


Eyelid Weightlifting


Human Chopping Block


Knife Throwing


Walking on Broken Glass


Ladder of Swords


Matchbook Eating


Ashtray Tongue


Animal Trap


Straight Jacket Escape


Hula Hoop


Balloon Animals








Original Electronic Mixes




Who does it?



Laurel "Goddess of Fire" & The Great Baldini

accompanied by other sideshow talents such as:





Benji Humphries





James Michael Hite

Mystic Hips




  The Great Baldini


What CAN'T this guy do? With previous circus experience, this guy knows just about everything! The Great Baldini is great at freaking people out with his eyelid weightlifting, getting people to hammer nails up his nose, having people crush his head into a pile of glass or walk on his back while lying on a bed of nails. He also walks on stilts, clowns, has quite the impressive knife throwing act, can make just about anything out of a rubber balloon, paints circus banners, makes marionettes and SO MUCH MORE!


So if you ever hear the phrase, "Let's give it up for The Great Baldini!" you'd better be certain that a GRRREAT round of applause is warranted!


The Great Baldini has 15 years experience in the circus business and used to be known as "Buckles" the clown. While living in Louisville, KY he has performed many venues featuring his sideshow act, Circus of the Strange. Once he met Laurel in the summer of 2008, the two were off and running on an adventure of sideshow mayhem. In May 2009 they officially formed Blue Moon Circus together.


To get to know The Great Baldini better, visit him here:


Laurel "Goddess of Fire"


She dances through your soul with fire fingers, spins fire poi and eats fire. This graceful Goddess of Fire lights up the night with her eclectic style of dancing and fire skills!


Laurel Fleury has been dancing with fire since May 2005 ever since learning the fire arts and fire safety from friends while living in Carrboro, NC. She landed in Louisville, KY for Christmas 2005 to visit family after a three month long road trip. After seeing the abundance of visual and performing arts in Louisville, she decided to call Louisville home. Laurel is not only a performance artist, but a visual artist too.



Laurel met The Great Baldini at a Big Bone Art Show when they were both performing and have been partners in sideshow crime ever since. They form the hub of what is now grown

into Blue Moon Circus.






To get to know Laurel better, visit her here:


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