Attention Peasant Scum Suckers!

Smell the stench of frothy filth as International Vaude-VILLAIN, Puppet
Master and Musical Saw Player, Mr Pustra The Soothsayer, bedazzle and
bemuse, swindle and seduce, repulse and renew your faith in the strange
'Sideshow' tradition of shitty Soothsaying.Mr Pustra was one half of
infamous visceral Vaudevillian duo Pustra|Vile-een (2006-2009) until the
Unfortunate Vile-een (RIP) fell into a blender, never to be seen or
smelled again.

So warn your women, and behold! He'll kick your lephers (children) and
steal your gold!


"Delightful Nightmares and Warped Hilarity" URBAN JUNKIES LONDON

"The Finest Purveyors In The Business" TIME OUT LONDON

"A Londra Pustra č una vera celebritŕ del vaudeville, acclamato da
pubblico e stampa, che ha riportato in voga questo spettacolo sin dal
2006, con spettacoli estremamente suggestivi e rčtro."


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Mr Pustra is a member of BRITISH EQUITY.

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