"Missy Macabre is a professional sideshow and cabaret performer, presenting immaculate and inventive stage shows to audiences internationally.

Trained in the fine arts and sculpture. Missy always ensures that every act is aesthically unique and polished, when on-stage she combines heavy doses of satirical comedy, timeless glamour and audacious wit.

A versatile artist and entertainer Missy Macabre has performed at a multitude of prestigious events and venues from London to Greece, France, Germany, Finland, Italy, Holland, Portugal, Switzerland, and Ireland!


She has also been featured in various magazines, newspapers, coffee table books, music videos and art exhibitions.


She is also a highly refreshing pin-up girl with her own unmistakable sultry circus style, attitude and subtle sense of humour.


Dubbed as ‘Sideshow Royalty’ by UK press, Missy is renowned for bringing class and elegance to the world of Circus Sideshow – a world where such aesthetics are often neglected. Missy is intent on constantly pushing the creative boundaries of sideshow art, focusing on theatricality, hilarity, eroticism, and juxtaposition. She is renowned for her incredibly unique and innovative amalgamation of sideshow stunts, theatricality and use of eroticism on stage. 
Such as  “The Bath of Broken Glass” and her “Nailbed fan dance”
Missy performs acrobatic routines in bath tubs full of broken glass, sits inside boxes of nails, boxed of broken glass, on nail beds, and dances on broken glass, performs the human blockhead, mental floss, human chopping board. 

She ca
n eat broken glass, put cigars out on her tongue, read tarot and is an extremely capable fire performer! With stunts such as fire eating, fakir body burning, flame transfers, flaming tooth holds, tongue rolls and fire breathing!"




Missy Macabre performs in bath tubs full of broken glass, inside boxes of nails, on nail beds and broken glass, human blockhead, mental floss, human chopping board, She eat glass, puts cigars out on her tongue, read tarot, and she is a extremely capable fire performer!


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