My act is a mix of cabaret, theatre and traditional sideshow skills. Having trained  in theatre in London and at the Coney Island Sideshow New York. I now bring back my skills and blend them into a camp, lively, torturous, painful and entertaining jam packed act.  It is versatile fast flowing act and full of old fashioned sideshow skills. Chrisalys  enters the stage colorful and fresh with the audience having no idea about what their about to witness.  The act finishes with a broken glass Flamenco dance! Currently the show contains screwdriver in the face 'human blockhead', hand in animal trap, tongue in mouse trap and broken glass dancing. My skills  are traditional sideshow working acts and i have blended them into a crazy show!!!! The performance is all done to music and a very bizarre narrative!

My act is approximately 13 mins long It could be made longer if needed or shorter with some other skills like fire eating etc.... mental breathing... it is a versatile act that can be changed depending on the venue.  All skills can be used in any context and can be incorporated into any kind of show that requires weird wonderful real skills.



Fire Eating/breathing
Broken Glass Walking
Human Blockhead
Animal Traps
Bed of Nails
Mental Flossing



A whirl wind of electricity and energy strut onto the stage as Chrisalys starts his pain show.  Having trained at the infamous Coney Island Sideshow New York. With his background in dance and musical theatre, he is a character that grasps the attention of his audience by building suspense and showing them what the body is really capable of. Pushing him self to the most unbelievable painful limits that no man could even believe or imagine possible. Animal Traps, Broken Glass, Screwdrivers, Nails and many more implements of pain are used in this incredible act.  Mixing traditional sideshow skills in with camp comedy and theatre he brings his character to life with alarming effect! The transvestite purveyor of pain is unleashed onto the crowd for all to see. This is one show not to be missed!

FACT - 1100 'C (2010 'F) is the average temperature of a orange burning flame.


Now that's hot! In fact very hot!

Try putting it on your tongue, eating it and passing it from body part to body part. Chrisalys turns up the heat of a passionate tango. Magically fire jumps from place to place, disappears inside the body and reignites. Fire burns brightly as Chrisalys holds it in his mouth as the audience goes wild!  A classy, sophisticated act with fabulous style and panache!

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