A major TV production company is seeking hardcore daredevil/stunt/showmen performers for a new series. Do you have a major, large-scale, wild, audacious stunt you've always wanted to pull off?

We are looking for performers who have a stunt in mind, as well as the background and skill level to execute it. Could involve dangerous animals, water, endurance, strength, fire, explosions, illusion or magic (and much more). Could be record breaking or just completely bizarre. Sky's the limit!


+ Stunt should be in depth, high risk and exciting

+ Prior circus/performing/stunt experience

+ Reliable and professional

+ Has a personality, ie, outgoing/confident/outrageous/fearless, etc

+ Knowledge of the production/TV world is a plus

If you're interested, email us a brief description of who you are and what you do. Please include photos and any relevant links.

Send to: julie_haire@7beyond.com



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