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“For more than 200 years natural philosophers, scientists and showmen have exhibited the bodies of African Americans with white or gradually whitening skin in taverns, dime museums, and circus sideshows. The term White Negro has served to describe individuals born with albinism as well as those who have vitiligo . . .”


From the book, The White African American Body by Charles D. Martin









Joe the Leopard Skinned Boy







Souvenir of Miss Darwina The 14 Year Old Leopard Girl

Who is also Covered with Hairs






Albinism, El Cayo, British Honduras. 1913










Jan. 25, 1938  PARIS--SCIENTIST EXAMINES 'APE GIRL' - An 11-year-old "ape girl," an unusual version of the bearded lady, was examined by French scientists at the Salle du Luxembourg in Paris January 15.  Prof. Bernelot-Moens, Holland-born anthropologist who presided at the scientists' meeting, is shown examining the girl whom he discovered in Spain.  Her extra growth of hair like a mantle over her shoulders and neck, is presumed to be due to endocrine disturbances similar to those which cause male growth of hair on many women.


 "Spotted Negress" Lemisa Bert







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