The Specialty of  Barnum


for the first time present here by

P. T. Barnum

at  his museum at Broadway and Annstreet



He received this name which is very extraordinary.

On occasion he was visited by several reporters,

who ask of Mr. BARNUM some questions:




Mr. BARNUM replied: Yes, what does that mean?  By this he meant he could not give an answer to insert your ZIP for that the question itself



ZIP has exhibited for nearly fifty years and during that time his mind was so developed they posed Question which were address to IT!, but no one ever had the opportunity to hear him speak or cry, etc.. His mood is very good and he has a special predisposition for the fair sex.

The music has an influence on him particularly while read: he can not resist the desire to simply play choir master and direct.

Nobody knows neither his age nor his origin: research helped establish that he is of the age of
seventy years, however in his printed material it states him to be only twenty years.

There are few men who have had as much travel as ZIP and is undoubtedly the greatest curiosity in the world.




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