The Ethnological Societies of Great Britain, Franco, Germany, Austria, Russia, etc., and the whole European Press pronounce The AZTECS a complete puzzle to be classed with fabulous existences, if the truth of their being rested upon mere individual assertion - BUT HERE THE ARE! LIVING! and open to public view and examination-not merely imaginary creatures like the strange men of Africa mentioned by Herodotus, the phoenix, or the mermaid.  Not a fictitious people like the fauns and dryads of the Arcadian vales-not the moonlight fairies; the little grey men of the Norse legends-not nymph, sprite, nor elf-but human beings of flesh and blood the remnant of a strange and wonderful race-the greatest marvel of the land of wonders, and of the nineteenth century- more strange than the vast skeletons of the Mastodon, which have been exhumed in the same region; but like the black swan of New Holland formerly regarded as a myth, but now a well-established existence.  In short. as curious and as well substantiated as the singular sightless fish of the mammoth cave of Kentucky.


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