If you seek Thrills,

Here's something that will give'em to you.


The Squirrel Cage is the name that has been applied to the latest device for producing automotive thrills.  A huge circular track built of steel and revolving within another track on ball-bearings is this one.  It is unusual inasmuch as it stands upright in the air.


The thrill artist, seated in a four wheel tiny racing car, loops the loop inside the circle until he has his audience at the point of nervous prostration, and then concluded the day's work when he pulls a lever on his car, tripping a latch on the circular track which causes part of the lower section of the circle to collapse and car and driver are hurled into a convenient basket, which the audience however, does not see.  The driver must travel at least 25 miles an hour in order to stay within the track when making the loops.  Thus far no accidents have occurred, although the thing is not entirely fool-proof.


Keystone View Co.






Plenty of Thrills at Los Angeles Pageant


A daring looping leap for life performed Parker Greggs and his sister Peggy.  Parker rides the first car and loops around his sister three times while both cars are in the air.


Thousands gather to witness the daredevil feet.


Herald-Sun Syndicate Sept. 5th 1922




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