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    Bicycle Drome

Board Track Racing

Fordcye Brothers Milwaukee Motordrome

Daredevil Lillian LaFrance's Wall of Death

Thrill Show Motor Boy

California Hell Riders Set-Up The California Hell Riders Wall of Death - Miniature

Hells Riders - Demon Drome

"Texas Zeke" and his 'Hell Drivers' Cyclone Drake

Info about these Riders Wanted 3 Info about these Riders Wanted 2 Info about these Riders Wanted 1?

Ima Johnson - Wall of Death Rider Squirrel Cage Alan Mercer - Wall of Death

Vintage Wall of Death I Fell for a Thrill Show Rider Wall of  Death India

Thrill Arena Hollywood Motordrome


Take a Lion for a Ride! Japanese Wall of Death The Wall of Death History & Film by Benedict Campbell

Drome Bally Pitch I Rode for Tommy Thrill Shows

Reckless Rudy Coombs





O.K. Hager and Olive, Wall of Death 1927

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Wall of Death - Motordrome - Lillian LaFrance - circa 1900





Lillian at Ticket Box

Building the Wall


and Double Wheel in back







Riders on Plateform

Rider on Plateform


Motor Cycle Lillian  with other Riders Rider on Wall





Rider  in Hawii Lillian and Partner In Front





Lillian Car

Lillian Car

Riders on Platform

 Car in Motordrome

Riders Inside the Drome



Car on Wall


Lillian with her Dog




Tip in Front of Drome




Winter Carnival



Winter Carnival

Inside Drome


Lillian on Car

Lillian Passport




Lillian Passport

Lillian Passport


Larned Kansas - Circus Disaster -  Motordrome Collapse Brendage Shows 1915

The pictures below include 2 different exterior views of Ethel Purtle's Lion Drome; an exterior view of "Thrills Wall of Death" featuring Miss Betty O'Day (signed by rider Jim Podesta); a portrait of Ethel Purtle and 4 other performers at her Lion Drome; a portrait of Dot Kettering on her Motorcycle and a portrait photo of Nita Andresen in her riding clothes. This wonderful, 1940's and 1950's

Thrill Show

Lion Motordrome

Thrills Wall of Death

Ethel Purtle

and 4 other performers

 Nita Andresen





Dot Kettering







Circa 1940 World of Mirth - Note Wall of Death to the Left of Elephant Ride



Apple Motordrome


My grandfather and Uncle built this Motordrome for their traveling show.  My grandfather raced...and was hurt early in his career.  He found a love for motorcycles after learning to ride during the war.  He was a WWI dispatch rider.  My grandmother was 17 and 10 years younger than my grandfather... she met him at a carnival in Marathon County Wisconsin.  She ran away and married him a week later.  He started teaching her how to ride almost immediately.  Kay Nerland

Emma Louise Apple 1920's

Apple Motordrome

My grandfather is the man

to the right behind the ticket box. Thurston (T.J.) Apple.

Mickey & Unknown Rider

Mickey & Jean

Mickey Apple 1944





Mikey 1944 Apple Motordrome



Articles from Apples Motordrome

An Antique Motorcycle Romance


Wall of Death - From Greece

My name is Kiriakos Iosifidis  I'm from Athens Greece.   During the last 4 years I've been writing a book about the wall of death in Greece and around the world. It will finally be published on November! One part of the book talks about the wall of death and globe of death around the world.

Photographs courtesy of Kiriakos Iosifidis

Other Images of Motordromes

Worlds Smallest Motordrome

To Remember the Brothers Coutard in The Wall of Death

"Wall of Death" Irene Dare British Motordrome




British Wall of Death Speedrome Scarborough 1932

Messham's Wall of Death at Epsom in 1961

Alma Johnson

and Friend 1932 Motordrome

Ethel Purtle & King 

Hell on Wheels

Wall of Death

O. C. Buck Death Dodgers

Hell Riders

Cetlin & Wilson Railroad Shows

circa 1951-52

Cetlin & Wilson R&R Shows

circa 1951-52

Hall of Death 1948

 Boston Bob - Cyclone Jake

Motor Drome Cavalcade of Trills





Wall of Death

Photo Tiffany Kirchner Dixon

Carter's Steam Fair

Photo Tiffany Kirchner Dixon







Wall of Death at Carter's Steam Fair





Alice Brady Mile Minute Girl on Indian Motorcycle



1930s Globe of Courage






Hollywood Hell Drivers



Tommy Stewart - Hollywood Hell Drivers





Joe Dobish in 1921




Jerry Sherman















William Arne







 Turkey - Wall of Death - circa 1933






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