Alan Mercer  researches the Wall of Death and Motordromes around the world.   Here's a link to his website Vintage Wall of Death UK.


He has attempted to contact every rider  their families & contributors from every website in the world.  If anyone has anything that would help him to save and compile the history please contact him here Wall of Death.


Here's a link to the riders register Alan has been producing over the last 5 years which hit 1,329 recorded riders since 1912 Riders Register.

As an example of his research he came across a couple of photos on Sideshow World that state Taff Morgan, Poole. There are 126 people name Morgan within 5 miles of Poole in Dorset, UK,  He contacted all of  them, as it turned out Taff was on holiday and called Alan 2 weeks later. 


Above is the photo of when they met  and he got him to sign his tank reserved for UK riders. That is him setting on a Messham wall bike at one of Alan's exhibitions and Alan have since ridden the bike himself.

Alan Mercer


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