Dhamaka Guria Maruti Circus in India


Jay Maa Durgeshwari Maruti Circus.


They do an impossible thing for many Japanese routinely and I'm surprised at their vitality. Their show reminds of any kinds of orderly rules in the lawless Indian street.


Like a holy Temple feeling the blessing beat.


Although Only one rider is left in Japan anymore, This amazing art has many brothers and family in the world and attract each people, Bahut dhanyavād India, Domo-arigato!



The Tastes and feelings of good old times expectation to be excited is still left for carnival of India. Wow! There are three Wall of death shows here!


Well of Death, Dhamaka Guria Maruti Circus in india


Surprisingly, in one carnival, three different companies performed this show each. I heard that it was regulated in the urban areas including Delhi, but the above-mentioned promotion that I imagined may be active now in all-India although there became few.

And probably I think it may be the U.K. to have brought India this show. Same as this show was brought from the United States into Japan approximately 90 years ago. The people of India must have felt big surprise like what I felt when I watched the live performance of this art at first time in Japan once. Therefore this show is still left on this land by hands of Indian people own today.


Open the Gate


I love Sonepur Mela very much, and I visit here to enjoy the traditional Mela and Maut ka Kuan show, This phot is with Dhamaka Guria Maruti Circus familly .


Indeian mela (festival of India) included many interesting shows and let me feel the common point with the good old festival of Japan.


In India, "Maut ka kuan " meaning as Death Well, That reminds me, in the countryside of India, there seems to be a Maut ka kuan running in the hole which was dug in soil.


Young rider girl in Well of Death India


Globe of Death in the circus tent


Photos courtesy of Taka Nekozo


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