The Greek Poet and writer of Comedies Aristophanes (445-385 B.C.) relates an ancient myth to the effect that man was originally created as male and female united in one body, in which form he continued to live for many centuries until he around the jealousy of the Olympian gods, who as punishment for his vanity separated him into entities man and woman.  And since that, time, the great satirist adds, man and woman have been forever pursuing each other and are discontented until in wedlock they become, once more one body.


The myth, probably a Greek adaptation of a much older Semitic legend for instance, that of Adam and Eve, gave rise to the idea that the first man was a hermaphrodite, that is, a being in whose body there are present both male and female generative organs

It seems, therefore that the phenomenon of hermaphroditism, which underlies these myths and sagas, was known in the earliest periods of human history.  And the problem presented by the abnormality is still today one of the enigmas which biology has been unable to decipher.


All that is known as to how the sex characteristics develop in the period before birth is that, in case of either sex, the external genitals are not differentiated until the third month, when the embryo has reached the fetal stage.  It seems that the failure of the forces active in the development of the fertilized ovum at any time during the growth of the fetes results in the production of organs resembling those of the other sex, depending upon the time at which the check has taken place.


Hermaphrodites is known in three forms: bilateral, unilateral and lateral,  The most common form of this abnormality is said to be the lateral the number of cases in which the proof afforded is unassailable is how ever, exceedingly small.


Pseudo  -  hermaphrodisism, occurring more frequently in men than in women, consists of a more or less complete fusion of the genitals, and the accompanying profusion lends the external part the appearance of a female organ.  The general conformation of the body, as well as absence of the normal hair distribution, tends to increase the impression of femini-nity  in these individuals.


In the lower animals perfect types of hermaphroditism are not unusual, especially in those that are relatively low in the scale of evolution.  Some of the lowest species are exclusively hermaphrodites, each individual being both male and female itself fertilizing itself and bringing forth its young without copulation with any other individual, in none of the human hermaphrodites does this ever occur; they are unable to perform the functions of both sexes, not even when the semblance of double sex is most complete.




The most interesting case of pseudo-hermaphroditism which has come to the public attention is that of Alieen and Claude, the double-bodied people who have been on public exhibition for some years creating something of a worldwide sensation.  Viewed from the right side these men-women present the perfect profiles of normal men, while viewed from the left they are normal women, a delicately molded hand, small gracefully formed feet, and fully developed breasts.  The right breasts are shaped like a man.


Aileen and Claude were born in Northern California in 1907 to normal parents.  At the time of birth Aileen was thought to be a girl and Claude a boy.  We were dressed and treated respectively until the age of twelve years and eight months when one side of our bodies began to grow out of proportion to that of the other.  The family physician was called and it was then that our parents depressed our strange condition.


We go in for sports and enjoy life in every way.  We have many friends of both sexes, and though we usually appear in male clothes, we don female attire, just for the fun of it.  And partly we sometimes believe as the result of the feminine impulse craving for emotional expression.


The transformation from man to woman, a sort of Jekyll and Hyde adventure, affords us much pleasure and amusement, or enchanted realm with new prerogatives and outlooks upon life.  As women with an "innocence abroad: veneer, we find pleasurable ratification in the admiring and challenging glances of the "Dethroned masters of creation".  The "eternal feminine" attracts us, although we are partial to the company of men.  From this you see the Claude and Aileen are very interesting individuals not only as "Double-bodied people" but as person blessed with modesty and simplicity of mind.  We like Democritus the "laughing philosopher" a life in this case further beautified by freedom those passions which bring so much unhappiness in ordinary mortals.


Aileen and Claude are willing subjects for scientific research and spend much of their time in clinics and before classes in medical colleges giving scientists and students an opportunity to study this amazing case.




1. Are you man or woman?

A. We are half of each, one side male and one side female.


2. Are you married?

A. No.  We are not.


3. What sex do you lean to most?

A. To the male sex.


4. How do you dress on the street?

A. Sometimes as male and sometimes as female.


5. Can you have children?

A. No.  We cannot.


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