THE GREEK POET and writer of comedies Aristocracies (445-385 B. C.) relates an ancient myth to the effect that man was originally created as male and female united in one body, in which form he continued to live for many centuries until he aroused the jealousy of the Olympian gods, who as punishment for his vanity separated him in two entities, man and woman.  And since that time, the great satirist adds, man and woman have been forever pursuing each other and are discontented until in wedlock they became, once more,
one body.

This myth, probably a Greek adoption of a much older Semitic legend, for instance, that of Adam and Eve, gave rise to the idea that the first man was a hermaphrodite, that is, a being in whose body these are present both the male and female generative organs.

It seems, therefore, that the phenomenon of hermaphrodite, which underlies these myths and sagas, was known in the earliest periods of human history.  And the problem presented by this abnormality is still today one of the enigmas which biology has been unable to decipher



In childhood Anna-John was always sickly, but now is in the best of health.  "I am happy and contented with my fate." she told a reprehensive of Your Body.  "I go in for all sports and enjoy life in every way.  I have many friends of both sexes, and though I usually appear in male clothes, occasionally I don feminine attire, just for the fun of it, and partly, as I sometimes believe, as the result of the feminine impulse craving for emotional expression, though commonly subdued by the dominant masculine instinct."

This transformation from John to Anna a sort of Jekyll-and-Hyde adventure, affords "him" much pleasure and amusement.  It feels like entering into an entirely different or enchanted realm with new prerogatives and outlooks upon life. 


As Anna, the attractive flapper with an "innocence abroad" veneer, he finds pleasurable gratification in the admiring and challenging glances of the "dethroned masters of creation," and the searching and critical survey of the ladies. 


The "eternal feminine" attracts him, although he generally is partial to the company of men.  From this we see that Anna-John is a very interesting individual, not only as a "double-bodied woman," but as a person of more than ordinary intelligence.  Blessed with modesty and simplicity or mind, he - she - like Democritus, the "laughing philosopher" of old sets happiness as the chief end of life-a life in this case further beautified by freedom fro those passions which bring so much unhappiness to ordinary mortals.

Anna-John is a willing subject for scientific research, and spends much of her time in clinic and before classes in medical colleges, giving scientists and students an opportunity to study her amazing case.



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