Starr Girl Show's Solo Canvas

Tour Bows Big in Macon

MACON, Ga, Nov. 17, 1951  Hedy Jo Starr opened her winter Girl Show, "French Follies." under canvas her Wednesday (7) and business was so good thru Saturday (10) that the engagement was held over for a second week.

There is a chance the local date will run thru December 1 if dollars keep clicking as heavily as in the first four days, Miss Starr said.

Show is unique in that it was a typical carnival show front but is operated strictly on an independent basis, with no other shows, rides or concessions.  Three performances are given nightly.

After closing the season with the Mighty Page Shows, Miss Starr decided to launch a winter tour, playing principally soldier camp spots.  Tent is located about five miles from downtown Macon on the highway to the huge Robins Air Force Base, 16 miles fro town.

Harvey (Frenchy) Moore is business manager and general agent, and his wife, Joan Benjamin Moore, is in charge of front door.  James Lewis is treasurer and Edward Harris is lot superintendent.  Others on the staff are Ernest Buchanan, boss canvasman; Whitey Smith, electrician, and Jerome Doyle, transportation.

New wardrobe was received here from Charles Guyette, New York.

Cast: Don Beck, comic; Arvid Gordon straight man; Hedy Jo Starr, Hindu fire dance; Corinne Anthony, dance of seven veils; Luawana Jong, hula; Suzette Powell acrobatic; Jessie French, Broadway "fashion plate: number; Mysto Webster, magic, and Courtney and Courtney, adagio.

A three-piece combo plays inside, and canned music is used on front.  Carl Whyte is pianist; Don Glisson, sax, and Mack Thornhill, drums.  There are no ballys, but time of performance is extensively advertised.


Billboard Nov. 24, 1951


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