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I am known as MONDU, half man and half woman, my real name, well that could be of no interest to you, I'm sure.  Just know me as MONDU.  The reason I took that name was because it means half of anything, also meaning in French; my God.  My nationality is English: born in Blackpool, England 25 years ago. I was born with a normal half body of a twin sister and brother blended by nature into the one body.  Up to the age of twelve, I lived as a girl, then my parents and family doctor decided that I should go under an operation.  I passed a minor operation-successfully but soon after the right side of my body became strong and muscular like that of a man and I grew up as you see me today, a living half man and half woman.  I like to travel, love music and beautiful things and am very vain and not to selfish.  I have both male and female voice, and characteristics are very sensitive.  Hermaphroditism, as is called in the standard Dictionary as having the sexual characteristics of both male and female in one body.  Many interesting questions arise and extraordinary complications naturally occur.  I have no great love to mix or mingle with the female sex but care and lean more towards the male sex.  I have been on Exhibition for the past three years.  In 1928, on Exhibition in Cuba with the J. J. Jones; Shows, the largest Carnival in the world, and many well known Shows and Showmen as Whitie Austin Palace of Wonders, Revere Beach, Mass." Bill Boxell, J. J. Jones Shows, M. Kraut Boardwalk Circus Sideshow, Rockaway Beach, N. Y.; and many others.  If there is anything more you wish to know just write and ask me together with stamp and I will do my best to answer you.


                                       I am sincerely,

                                             MONDU. Half Man and Half Woman

                                                         c/o Billboard Office

                                                                    1560 Broadway, New York City

I am not the only one of amazing cases of sex reversal.  I bring your attention to some of the baffling enigmas of evolution, that in the most resent years, have held the - interest of Europe's most prominent Physicians and scientists and are pecked the curiosity of the people throughout the Civilized world.  Take the case of Beatrice Maud, now Arthur Hoe.  She was born in England, in 1902, to normal parents and at the age of 16 began to change; her voice deepened and lost all trace of feminine cadence, and the growth of beard became undeniably evident.  Beatrice became Arthur,.  Adopted masculine attire and set out to earn a living as a man.  Signorette Renate's took on the great change, as Beatrice had.  Together with Hussein Harem, wife of a Turkish nobleman, connected with Mustapha Kernel, had undergone a similarity stinking experience.


There are many men with strong female traits and characteristics.  Men enjoying a pleasurable gratification which nature has otherwise denied them.  Namely that of being a woman, also women with-strong male traits and characteristics of the male sex.  It is interesting to note that the seeds producing this abnormality are laid in early childhood, fostered by a female parent or other womanly sponsor.  The boy knows no other than the female sex.  Or it happens sometimes that a boy child is born to parents when a girl is desired, the disappointment caused is such that the babe from earliest days is dressed in pink bows instead of blue.  In other words the child is dressed as a girl, as growth continues frocks are the order of the day and the hair is kept growing and curled and this small child suggestive by nature soon adapts himself to his life, girl playmates become his portion instead of boys.  Thought to be gentle and tender, no outburst of rowdiness is allowed.  He knows only the feminine element in taste and pursuits and so he grows up timid, fearful and perhaps lacking in initiative.  And so the womanly inclinations remain with him, at intervals they become consciously dominant and manifest themselves in feminine interests and behavior.  This also applies to the female sex with male traits and characteristics but vice versa to the boy.  Then again the absence of the father of other male from the home by death or of her-circumstances may be a cause.


Mondu Half Man Woman 9th Wonder of the World  - 1928 Sideshow Freak Show Hermaphrodite Pitch Booklet.


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