Nature's Strangest and Greatest Living Wonder






Rosella was born in Cherborge, France.  In the year 1888;  was brought to this country by the late P.T. Barnum as the Bearded Baby.  Toured the entire world twice, later taking up acrobatic work, and at the age of 12 a complete change of life appeared and growing on her right side the perfect body of her twin brother.  Naturally scientists were baffled.  Doctors and physicians were mystified at Nature's strangest wonder.  Showmen begged for contracts; Medical Colleges, Clinics wanted her but Dr. Lorenze, the noted French Doctor, took her to all the leading colleges throughout Europe and for the first time Rosella is making her maiden tour of America.


Now, this is not a case of malformation-so called half man and half woman-but a perfect woman, the mother of a daughter now six years old, who is attending school at the convent in Paris, France.  Rosella has been married twice.  Now, why the shadow of a man's body was cast on the right side of Rosella's, is a question over 250 of the world's most eminent scientists have failed to answer.  So Rosella goes down in history as Nature's Strangest and Greatest Living Wonder.



    College De La Paix

         Cherborge, France

(Translated by Bordeau, New York)




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