Half Man and Half Woman Brother and Sister in one Body


In response to so many questions put to me daily, I have printed a few facts about myself which may be of interest.


I was born in Tabriz, Persia, on May 2, 1905, My mother being Turkish, my father a Persian.  I was their fourth child.


The physicians were in a quandary on my birth as to my sex, knowing not whether I was a male or female.  This created a great sensation.  There wee four children in our family.  First being twins, brother and sister who died in their early childhood.  Myself, and after me another boy who is still living, a perfect young man.  My mother is still living and in good health.

My father died in an accident in 1925.  I was brought up in Tabriz, Persia, where my parents had made their new home.  I was christened a girl and went to school with girls till the age of 13 when it first became noticeable that one side of my body was growing like a woman's and the opposite side becoming more and more masculine.  After I complained of strange pains, my system changed, a growth of beard became noticeable on my face and my voice became hoarse.  The old family doctor could not find the right name for me, calling me a puzzle of the 20th century.


After being examined by well-know authorities and shown at medical conventions I was pronounced half man and half woman.  I was operated upon by Prof. Dr. E. Koolamily.  After recovery I found myself greatly embarrassed, for my girl companions would have nothing to do with me, being in boy's apparel, either would the boys, for they looked upon me as a dressed up girl.


Wherever I went people would point me out and whisper.  This continued to such an extent that life became unendurable.  With credentials from Prof. Dr. Koolamily I was sent to Dr. A. Mamat-Husan, the head of the Institute for Sexual Research at Teheran.  After an examination I was offered a large sum of money for my body after death.


With credentials from Dr. Mamat-Husan, a police doctor, I received a permit from Khan A Murtzaly to wear either men's or ladies' apparel and to sign my papers in either name.  I go mostly in men's clothing, being more comfortable.  But when I wear either wherever I appear people will stop and turn around to say "She looked a man" or "He is just like a woman."


I have exhibited in every country in the Orient and before nobilities. I was brought over to America by Mr. Hamdulla who placed me in many theatrical houses all through the United States.



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