Roberta Ray is a very rare example of the condition known as bi-lateral hermaphrodism, which means that she has both a male and female sex gland in each side of her body.


The strange result of this unusual condition has been to develop the entire right side of her body, structure, muscles, shape of the pelvis, their texture and placement, (even to growth of a beard), as a well proportioned male, while the left side of her body is unmistakable female.


the right breast is flat and masculine in type, while the left breast is well developed female in character.  The curves of the left side of her body; a gracefully outlined feminine pelvis, curving waistline and hip; a much smaller, more shapely feminine leg and foot are startling in contrast to the much heavier, larger and masculine structure of the right leg which is covered with coarse hair of entirely different character than the light growth of down which might be found upon the leg of any normal woman.


If the reader will cover one half of the close-up portrait of Roberta Ray's face as shown on cover the disproportion of the two sides of the face will be immediately discernible.


The difference in the two sides of Roberta Ray's body is plainly shown in Figure 5.  Note the heavily muscled right arm, the masculine line of this side of the body, the larger, heavier leg and heavy coat of hair on the right limb.  The female breast, body contours and smaller, more feminine arm and leg, and also the curve of hip and thigh are evident in the photograph.


Roberta Ray is a rare example of "neutral sex" such as Professor Falta, of Vienna describes in his famous work on Endocrine Diseases.


in this case, since both male and female sex glands existed in the same body, the internal secretion from the male sex glands caused the development of the male secondary sex characteristics, while the secretion from the female glands developed the female characteristics.


Roberta is six feet tall, thirty-seven years of age, and has a pleasing voice of deep contralto quality which might belong to an immature boy of to a woman.


reprinted from the Specialist investigates your glands.







Plate No. 1












Roberta Ray was born of a normal father and mother, on November 8th, 1894, in Budapest, Austria,


Her mother was a trapeze performer and her child was born, prematurely at seven months gestation, thirty minutes after the mother had given a performance on the trapeze before the public.


Many doctors examined the child and pronounced it a true bilateral hermaphrodite.


The mother's family history is very interesting, in that it clearly shows that an abnormal condition of the adrenal cortex gland existed and was transmitted through many generations.

There was no abnormalities in the father's heredity; but two of three generations back, in direst line, her mother had a relative who was born a mail, (at least she was pronounced male by physicians at birth), and remained a boy until the time of puberty.  At puberty, this supposed boy changed into a female.  The contours and, formerly, definitely defined male organs changed into the appearance of female organs and body structure.  She menstruated normally for a period of about thirty years, or thereabout, - and during that time she functioned apparently normally as a woman.  At the time of menopause, her bodily conformation again changed into that of a man, and the rest of her life was spent as a male.


Roberta Ray's mother was one of a family of three girls.  Her oldest sister was a "bearded lady" and was exhibited as a rarely perfect example of this type.  She had a very heavy beard and was very masculine in type' but her organs were female and she functioned as a woman.  Mrs. Ray was the second daughter of the family and displayed no abnormality, insofar as is know' but her younger sister is decidedly masculine in type.  She dresses in a masculine fashion, has a heavy hair growth on the face which she has to regularly shave, is very intelligent and said to be a successful and capable business woman.


Roberta was the first child born to her mother.  A second child a boy was born when Roberta was about twelve years of age.  This child lived to be about eight years of age and was abnormal.  This child lived to be about eight years of age and was abnormal.  He was what is called in show parlance, "a frog boy."  The upper half of his body was normal but the lower half never developed and his legs were limp and seemed joint less, the bones soft and limber.  Here we see the effect of the too early puberty caused by adrenal cortex enlargement and the effect which this condition has upon the thymus gland.  When adult development is completed normally the thymus gland, having completed its work of supplying the proper materials for normal bone development, ceases its activities. In this case, the adrenal cortex caused a premature puberty before the bony structure was properly developed, and in causing the thymus gland to cease its activities too soon, the bones of the lower half of the body were never normally hardened and the joints did not properly form their normal approximations.


The history of this family is an excellent proof of the part which the glands of internal secretion play in heredity.  In Plate No. 1 Roberta Ray is seen in male attire.



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