Mlle Za Za Frazee


Educational Biography
Mlle Za Za Frazee
Worlds Greatest Female Freak


For Adults only and sold with the with the positive understanding that it will only be read in the privacy of your own home and not allowed to fall in the hands of minors under the age of 18.

Born of normal parents March 13th 1905 after being carried one year before birth a veil complete covered the face.  Named Marjorie Sylvester Frazee a female possessing many of the characteristics of a male not a Hermaphrodite (there is no such thing as a Hermaphrodite in Human form perfect double sex occurs only in the lower form of animal life.)

At the age of 12 female periods occurred.  At the age of 17, she was married to a man, divorced him 1 year later, on account of a great change taking place in the Physical Anatomy.

No children motherhood impossible.  During the last 10 years, slowly but surely taking on many of the characteristics of a male.  Hair now almost complete covers the body.  A heavy beard now covers the face and throat.   The head has become bald, The left breast has decreased in size,  Ears has grown larger, Right lower       ______ and feet have increased in size, both arms and hands have become larger and muscular.  Shoulders now muscular, Strength has increased greatly, A heavy masculine trait has developed, _________________ pubic bones now point downward instead of upward, Frazee's personality and manners now lean strongly toward the masculine


Periods have occurred only once in 14 months in the form of a hemorrhage lasting

13 days. No longer effective for male use. 


The only female on exhibition in the entire universe that is slowly but surly taking on masculine characteristics.


This biography is printed solely for the purpose of  benefiting mankind in the hopes it may save some other person from being born into this world to go through life as a freak.  At the end of 9 months a Physician should be contacted as it is believed that the 3 months overtime caused the underdevelopment of certain glands which caused ZA ZA to become a freak.



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