Engaged for a short time, the animal (regarding which there has been so much dispute in the scientific world) called the FeJee Mermaid!


Positively asserted by its owner to have been taken alive in the FeJee Islands, and implicitly believed by may scientific persons, while it is pronounced by other scientific persons to be an artificial production, and its natural existence claimed by them to be an utter impossibility. 


The manager can only say that it possesses as much appearance of reality as any fish lying on the stalls of our fish markets-but who is to decide when doctors disagree? 


If it is artificial, the senses of sight and touch are useless, for art has rendered them totally ineffectual.  If it is natural, then all concur in declaring it The Greatest Curiosity in the World!

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I believe this to be an actual photo of one of Barnum's original Fiji Island Mermaids. If not, it is of the same style, look and fabrication.  Mark Frierson



Mark Frierson used in House of 1000 Corpses




Thomas Kuebler



Thomas Kuebler




Doug Higley - Ripley's




Takeshi Yamada





Sideshow World Logo James Mundie




Kipling West 2005




Kipling West 2006




Feejee by Marc A Damicis




Mark Frierson








Mermaid from Coln, R. T. Durrett Collection





The Mermaid

Now Exhibiting at the Turf Coffee-House

39 St James's Street








The Mermaid 

Drawn from Nature - by E. Purcell




The Mermaid

After the Model from Nature


































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