The Amazing Feejee Mermaid!


Ladies and gentlemen, from the murkiest swamps of the most dangerous jungles of Borneo, comes this dried specimen of the amazing feejee mermaid!  As for how it swam from the Fiji islands to Borneo, that's a mystery.


If you ever try to follow my instructions and make your own mermaid, please let David know!

He'd love to see what he managed to inspire!

The process has be documented  step by step with pictures. You can see the whole 5 part tutorial by clicking this link to David's blog:  Amazing-Feejee-Mermaid-from-Borneo

Part 1: In which we discuss the flaying of the fish
Part 2: In which we discuss the mounting of the skin
Part 3: In preparation for the application of skin
Part 4: In which we add flesh to the beast
Part 5: In which we finish the job

a link to a tutorial on how to make the manuscript.



David's from Quebec, Canada, He's a 3D animation student who spends too much time alone and on the computer. He enjoy everything weird, beautiful and/or unusual, and He has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, dark beer, and discussion. click on the Dark Artifacts Banner to learn more.  To learn more about David's creations click the banner Dark Artifacts.


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