One of the earliest examples of a stuffed animal being used as a prize is in this early 1900's photo, The prizes appear to be white, furry dogs though these may have just been made of hollow cardboard covered with angora fur. Most early game prizes were plaster of Paris figurines (chalk) but dolls, tapestries, candy, blankets, table lamps and jewelry were also popular give aways.

Carnival game designs are in their infancy during the turn of the century as is evidenced by the homemade gaming wheel made from a bicycle rim behind the well dressed couple.

There's no markings with this photo so we're left to wonder at the identity of the people behind the counter and guess if the third figure , standing outside, was the "Stick" or "Outside Man" for the joint.

We have several examples of these vintage "bicycle" type gaming wheels from the early 1900's on display in our museum's game section.


International Independent Showmens Museum


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