Advertising Broadside for Amusement Park Game
African Dip Co. of Zanesville, Ohio ca. 1915

The company also produced a similar "African" version of this midway game in the first half of the 20th Century. Concessionaires often exploited long-standing racial animosities by making black people the subject of white amusement at various parks. For many years, the African Dip was a well-known midway attraction, particularly among young white males. Players of the game paid for the chance to dunk an "African" in a pool of water. Those who were hired to play the role of the "African" were encouraged to be as verbally abusive as possible in order to incite the animosities of white patrons and thus drum up additional business for the game.


In this version, the "Sappho Tip", encouraged participants to have fun letting loose on a representative of womanhood, as described above with the African Dip. The machine was set up so the women never actually had to get wet "Lady don't fall from chair but retains her seat..."It is so arranged that the water squirts up around her, but don't hit her..."


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