SYDNEY, Australia (AP) March 9, 1950

Erikine Smith, father of girl "Siamese Twins" born Saturday with the tops of their heads joined, said he "Would rather have seen them die at birth than grow up like they are."

Erskine, a timberman and father of five other children, told reporters he had seen the twins in the hospital at Wynyard town, Tasmania, where they were born.

"It was a frightful shock," he said.

Dr John Starr, who delivered the twins, said they were perfectly healthy and the rest of their bodies were normal.  He added however, that it would be "practically impossible to separate them."

"I cannot see that they can be severed and remain alive," he declared.

The babies are joined head to head at the top of the skull "as if the stood one head first on the other," the doctor explained.

The father said he hoped to take the twins to Melbourne or Sydney for possible treatment.

"If just one of them could be saved without anything happening I would like it." the father declared.

A matron at the hospital said Mrs. Smith saw her babies for the second time yesterday.

"She said they were very beautiful," the matron said. "The mother is still shocked, and finds it hard to realize they are her children."

The twins are taking nourishment well, she said, and appeared content.

The matron added that special attention-far beyond the means of the Smiths-would be needed to bring up the twins.



Father Would Rather See Siamese Twins Die Early


LAUNCESTON, Wednesday. The Canberra Times Thursday March 9, 1950

"I would rather have , seen them die at birth than grow up as they are now." said Mr. Er- skine Smith, today.

Mr. Smith is father of the Siamese twins horn on Saturday.

The twin girls were born to Mrs. Erskine Smith and are joined at the head.

Mr. Smith said he first knew of the twins when he phoned the hospital on Sunday morning and was told that they were born at 9 p.m.

"I went to the hospital to see them and got a frightful shock to see them with their heads, locked together," added Mr. Smith.

Mr. Smith said that he and his wife had already chosen the names of Doreen Rose and Lexie for the twins."

Mr, Smith added there were

five other children alive-three boys and "two girls, the youngest girl being born in 1948.

In 1946, his wife had twins but they had since died.

Mr. Smith said his wife did not want to take the twins home as they were, but wanted to send them to Melbourne or Sydney for specialized treatment"?

Mrs. Smith said, "Already a woman has been in touch with the hospital and asked could she adopt my babies.

"I am sure this woman wants

to put them on show and I would never allow that," added Mrs.

Although an X-ray of the common head had not been taken, it is believed that the twins have only one brain, which functions for each.

The twins' condition to-day was reported to be satisfactory.


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