Siamese Twins in Dayton


Dayton, O., Ronnie and Donnie (Left) Galyon, Dayton's seven-month-old Siamese twins, sit in their special "chair-tender" at St. Elizabeth's Hospital, where they were born.  The chair was built for the children by their father, Wesley Galyon, a 27-year-old plumber's apprentice. Normal in almost every way except that they are joined at the abdomen by a tissue, the Galyon twins have an excellent chance of surviving.  Doctors hope to cut away the tissue after they reach the age of two.   Doctors said they will have to replace a colon of one with a segment of his own bowels, since they have a single colon.  Each boy is almost perfectly developed and has control of his mental facilities.  They show all of the normal ambitions and habits of children their age and they are completely unaware that they are two of the most unusual children in the world.  The Galyons have two other youngsters who are perfectly normal.

UP Photos 5-22-52


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