1922 Death Announcement of the Bohemia Twins Died Thursday in Chicago, image from a print made when the girls were 7 years old.




One of the earliest known photo of twins


Birth: Jan. 20, 1878, Czech Republic Death: Mar. 20, 1922
Cook County
Illinois, USA
Rosa and Josefa Blažek were born in Skrejšov, Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic) to an agrarian family with one normal daughter.

When they were born, their superstitious mother has contacted a local practitioner of folk medicine and asked why the twins were born this way. The mother was told that she should not feed the children for eight days and she complied. When on the eigth day the twins survived, and this was considered to be a divine message of why the twins were here. To make money for the family so that they could survive.

They were soon placed in various venues on exhibition in local fairs, to the delight of onlookers, the twins became famous. In 1909, one of the twins got pregnant, and although speculation of the father was pointing towards their manager, it was never revealed. In 1921 the twins came to the United States to perform. They established a home base in Chicago Illinois amongst a large population of Czech immigrants. However, this wouldn't last long due to the fact that Rosa became ill with influenza. But in a weird turn of events, anytime one of the sisters was ill, the other one was well. Josefa became ill after Rosa got better and was admitted to Chicago's West End Hospital on March 25, 1922 and soon slipped into a coma. On that same day she died and her sister died 12 minutes later.
At the time of their death they were visited by their brother (Frank), It seemed he was interested in their fortune of $100.000.00 and tried his best to get it, but since Rosa had a son, the fortune should go to him. Although prior to the death of the first sister, it was said that it was possible to save the other, but of course Frank did not want this for he wanted their fortune. Unfortunately it would later be revealed that their fortune was only $ 400 dollars between them and not the one hundred thousand.

Correction to History: On April 15th 1922, Krasca Funeral Home located in Chicago, came and retrieved the cremains of the Twins and turned those remains over to their brother Frank. This information was obtained by myself (Damian Plaza) with the connections I have at the Bohemian National Cemetery. So history needs to resind the fact that they are stating the twins were buried there. Thank you to Paula at Bohemian for her work getting me this information. 
Note: Although originally taken to Cemetery their brother picked up remains. Loc Unk. Burial: Cremated, Ashes given to family or friend.
Specifically: Cremains given to Frank, the twins brother on April, 15, 1922


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