Operation to Save Rosa Abandoned

CHICAGO, March 29.- At 11:30 o'clock tonight the condition of the Siamese twins was declared to be critical.  They many not live until morning.  It is considered improbable there will be an operation. Rosa became unconscious today.

It was said at the home of Dr. Breakstone, director of the hospital, shortly before midnight that he feared the surgical shock to Rosa if the stricture uniting her to Josefa were cut.

"The doctor believes the operation could be performed," it was said; but he does not think that Rosa in her present condition would not survive the surgery.

Special by Leased Wire to The San Francisco Chronicle Thursday March 29th 1922





Siamese Twins Near Death


The Celebrated "Siamese Twins" - Rosa and Josefa Blazek, are facing a crisis in a Chicago hospital.  One is seriously ill with jaundice and should she die, it is probable that the other would also die, owing to the vital physical connection between the sisters, who are joined together at the hips.  Rosa is the mother of a twelve year old boy, her husband was killed while serving with the Austrian Army during the war.


She was the first to be afflicted with the disease, and is already partially cured.  But her sister Josefa is now much worst and little hope is held for her.  Yet, lying in their bed at the hospital, Rosa can smile although knowing that her sister's death means hers also


International Feb. 29th 1922



Siamese Twins Left Only $400 Cash


Chicago,  April 19, - Rosa and Josefa Blazek, the Siamese twins, left an estate of $400 cash, according to petition for letters of guardianship filed in the Probate Court here today.  At the time of their it was said that the twins possessed a large fortune, both in America and Bohemia, their home.


NY Times April 19th 1922



Rosa and Josefa Blazek find a Grave

  1. Rosa and Josefa Blažek - The Bohemian Twins


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