Two of Three Pairs of Siamese Twins

Boston, Mass, here are two of the three pairs of Siamese Twins now living.  The girls are the Gibbs Twins of Holyok Mass.  The boys are the Godino Twins.  The boys welcomed the girls to the hub when they returned from Europe on the S.S. Laconia

International Newsreel - 8-19-1930



 Los Angeles, Calif. In what may be the first such case in modern medical history, Siamese Twin girls joined at the top of their heads were born Saturday, an announcement from the General Hospital here disclosed today.  Normal in every other respect, the twins react independently, one often sleeping while the other cries.  When it is learned if they have separate brains, a decision regarding possible surgery may be made.  Their mother Mrs. John B. Jones, a divorcee with seven other children.


 LA INP Soundphoto 5-16-49 - Los Angeles Examiner



The attending physician Monday said it has been decided it is surgically impossible to separate these Siamese Twins born Sept. 16 at St. Anthony Hospital to Mr. and Mrs. Roy Brodie of East Moline, Ill.  The physician said it has been proven they have the same circulatory system and it is assumed there is a central nervous system for both infants.  X-rays showed the heads of the twins fused at the top in a fibrous union.  The Brodies have three other children, all completely normal.  The twins, both boys, have been named Rodney D. and Roger Lee.

INP Soundphoto Rock Island, Ill 9-25-1951



The Siamese Twin sons of Mr. and Mrs. Roy T. Brodie, of East Moline, born Sept. 16, were admitted to Illinois research hospital today, where they will undergo further study to see whether an operation would be possible.  Rock Island brain specialists said an operation at this time would be fatal.  Nurse Margaret Florence tends to the wants of the twins, Rodney, (Left), and Roger.

INP Soundphoto - Chicago - 10-31-51 - Herald American Photo



Siamese Twins for Siam Napit, left, and Prissana, three year old Siamese  Twins for Siam, play with a telephone as they pose during a visit to Washington.  The twins, adopted daughters of Mr. and Mrs. Ellis Atkinson, were joined chest-to-chest when born in Thailand, formerly Siam.  A successful 1955 operation in Chicago separated them.

The twins' real parents permitted the Atkinsons to adopt them and have lived in Bangkok where Atkinson is an adviser to the Thailand government under the International Cooperation Administration.

AP Wirephoto - Washington May 8, 1955



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